We are a team of explainer commercial genius creators. We create motion graphics/animation explainer commercials for companies and individuals all over the planet. We believe that every company needs an awesome professional explainer video for their company. An explainer video is a front window to your business. Imagine Mc Donalds with no commercials on tv. They would not be the mega success that they are. We have created commercials for some of the top 500 companies in the world. We have also had one of our commercials (Joy Jars) featured on CNN aired across major networks. Here is the process of our commercial process:


1. We receive payment and a short brief about your company from you so we can create your script

2.We create your voice over

3. We create your illustration and storyboard

4. We animate

5.We add sound design

6. We render out your explainer commercial and it’s done

7.We send your video to you via email in MOV format unless you require a different format.

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“BettyMills.com is an Internet Top 500 Retailer. We evaluated many animation studios before selecting ZENPHANY. If you are looking for a world class animation video, look no further, you’ve just found it.”

Victor Hanna

CEO and Founder of BETTY MILLS


“ZENPHANY did an outstanding job on our new commercial. They provide Epipheo Studios quality commercials at a reasonable rate.”


CEO and Founder of PlacePlay.com


“ZENPHANY did a fantastic job! They seem to work non-stop. The video was even better than we anticipated and is immediately helping to increase our user engagement. I highly recommend them.”

Chris Lieber of Statwack.com



“We are very pleased with the end results and it has definitely helped us to bring across our message faster, better and clearer. The video has also helped increased the length of time our customers spend on our website, which is really great! Thanks for a great job! “

Felicia Hoo
Director + Founder of Thinkersbox.com



“It has been a pleasure working with the creative and talented team at ZENPHANY. Movie quality exceeded our expectations, we will definitely work with them on future projects.”

Oren Levy

CEO and Founder of





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